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Monster Beehive Found in Nambour

A monster beehive was recently found in the home of Nambour resident, Vicki Arthur.  After three years, the bee hive with about 50,000 bees living in it, was removed from her home by an apiarist.

The size of the beehive came as a bit of a surprise to Vicki, who had been told that the bees would leave after two years and go elsewhere.  Her main problem was that she didn’t know how the bees could be humanely taken away.  She eventually found someone that could.

However, this was not the only amazing thing about this story.  Vicki is also the owner of Mr. Beesley’s Vintage Clothing in Nambour.  The store’s logo resembles a bee and the fact that the owner had a ceiling full of bees was remarkable.

Vicki now has plenty of honey and a story to tell all those who visit her store.

Images supplied by Vicki Arthur.  Used with permission.

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